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Precision is a measure of excellence
We have been on the market since 1887

Schraner Poland Sp. z o.o. was established in 2006 in Łęczyca, in the Lodz Special Economic Zone. We are suppliers of forged metal parts to the most demanding clients from Poland, Europe and North America.

We specialize in the production of forged metal parts, using hot die forging technology. As raw materials we can use steel and aluminium alloy, copper, titanium and any other materials that can be used for forging metals.

Our team of employees – graduates of the Łódź University of Technology – are well-educated and have trained abroad many times, and can take advantage of more than 130-years of experience of the Swiss metallabs AG company. Based on Swiss technology, we have adapted the process of precision forging perfect Polish products. Our staff participate in industry conferences dedicated to metals forging and the automotive industry. We are also an active member of the Polish Forging Association.

We are led by precision, from the first contact with a new customer to delivery of the final product. Precision cannot fail because it builds trust. Precision provides a sense of security and reliability. Precision is the guarantor of our Company's stability, including its stable position on the market. This contributes to our success and undisputed reputation amongst our clients in various industries.