We use highly-advanced technology that is a symbol of opportunity and the resourcefulness of the human mind. We add appropriate measures, reliability and precision to break inconvenient and outdated stereotypes, making real what was previously impossible, unattainable – even unimaginable.

Using Lasco hydraulic hammers we produce forgings weighing from several grams to approx. 3.5 kg. Our products are manufactured to E and F class tolerances in accordance with PN-EN 10243-1. Based on our experience and the application of metallabs AG's modern technology, we can provide an unprecedented degree of precision in our Polish products.

We supply our customers with raw forgings, precisely punched forged parts, as well as ready-made products that have undergone additional processes and treatments (such as heat, machining and galvanic).

We purchase raw materials for the production of our forgings from reputable and certified Polish and German ironworks, and use professional, reliable, trustworthy service providers. That includes both Polish and foreign companies.

Our products are characterised by:

Our modern machinery park is configured from the best equipment available in the industry, ensuring the reliable operation of our production lines and the high quality of our manufactured products. We operate machinery and equipment from the leading brands in the forging industry. These include, for example, hammers by the German Lasco company, induction furnaces by the Swiss Amysa and Polish Termetal companies, presses by the Italian MIOS and a Mecolpress by the German Muller-Weingarten company. For the production of forging dies and other tools, we use a machining centre from the German Hermle company. Our laboratory is equipped with measuring and testing devices made by Magnaflux, EMCOTEST, Werth and Tesa, which allow us to maintain the highest quality of all our products.

We also run our own tool shop for the production of tools, which also allows for high speed tool regeneration. As a result, we can produce test batches of products in a short time. Based on customer documentation, our highly-qualified staff ensure precise implementation of all stages of the tooling design, all the way through to production. Die-forged parts are also produced using tools designed by our own dedicated team of engineers.

Our Company follows the procedures and guidelines of the Integrated Management System according to ISO 9001, as well as the IATF 16949 technical specifications for the automotive industry. And in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard, we are committed and fully aware to caring for the natural environment around us.